Bears take the win against Katunga

June 02, 2016
The Tungamah seniors came back after the bye with a resounding 68 point victory over Katunga.

The Bears took the win despite a pasting in the third quarter which saw Katunga kick six unanswered goals.
In the first quarter, Jacob Samson was quick through the middle and Brady Hayes was on fire with two quick goals, finishing with three for the opening term.
Patty kicked a brilliant snap goal, Ash Saunders was ever-reliable and played his role well together with strong performances from Drew Haebich and Adam Dodd.
Jarryd O’Shea, Ada Connell and Glenn Dominick all did their jobs playing well for the backline. 
An even team effort was on show during the second, with all the Tungamah boys playing well and combining to kick eight goals for the quarter while holding Katunga to just one.
Brady Hayes, Scott Sanderson and Drew Haebich played well up forward and it was great to have Terence Jones back,  even if he was running around in his ankle socks with pom-poms.
Tommy Irvine was getting a touch in the middle, while great team work from Joel Bates, Hayes and Saunders was a highlight.
Special mention to President Nathan Lawless for turning the ball Katunga’s way and allowing them to score.
An undisciplined third term was the only blight on the Bears’ performance as Katunga kicked six unanswered goals.
Barry O’Brien, Adam Dodd, Ada Connell, Glenn Dominick played a strong defensive game in what was a quarter with few highlights.
Tungamah returned for the fourth with a more polished and disciplined team performance. Joel Bates did a great job in a shutdown role on one Katunga’s goal kickers. Saunders finished off with 7 goals for the day and Brady Hayes was a worth Best on Ground.

Although the ground was wet and heavy this was the boys best performance of the year which is what they needed leading into a big game next week.
As usual with Kennedy coming back from the seniors and combining with Johnstone down back, this freed up Connell, Giggins, Beattie and Whykes to make the reserves a much better side.
Every week it starts with Pettit and Nunn in the ruck who give first use to the in and under players in Ackland (Best on Ground), Whinray and Holmyard and this brings the outside runners in Thomson, Barton, Kelly, Duffy and Ash plenty of quality ball.
The key forwards in Pettit and Kirchen had good a good day, not only hitting the scoreboard but marking strongly and bringing other players into the game.
Other good players were Scott Seymour and Mick Hammond although all players put their hand up when they got their chance. If the reserves can take this form into next week it will be a beauty.
Score: Tungamah 22.14.146 def Katunga 1.4.10.
Awards: St James Hotel - J Ackland, Hicks Butchery - J Ash, Cellarbrations - S Seymour, Crusty Loaf - M Hammond, Auction Player - J Ackland.

Tungamah was off to a good start with an early goal but Katunga edged ahead getting the ball out of the centre and marking strongly up forward.
George McBurnie, Dylan Leadingham and Nick Irvine battled away, getting the ball into the forward line but the forwards battled to score in slippery conditions.
Youngsters Riley O’Kane and Blaze Youngmail, who stepped up from the fourths to help out, set a great example applying pressure and doing the hard stuff around the ground.
Jared Whitten played a solid game in last line of defence.
Randall Perkinson also played a beauty, running the ball out of the backline and at one stage taking 5 bounces and having a shot for goal.
Despite some solid performance from a few players, Katunga controlled the game and went on to win.
Awards: Crusty Loaf - Troy Bryce, Videoland - Randall Perkinson, McDonalds -  Jared Whitten,  Tunga Shop -  Liam Connell, Nick Irvine, Ben Irvine.
Goals: Lach Elliot 2, Dylan Leadingham 1, Ben Irvine 1.

These young men played arguably their best game of the year, playing some brilliant team-orientated footy against a determined younger Katunga team who tried hard and tackled well early.
The way the boys played, including the spirit in which they played, was complimented after the game by Katunga opposition coach, which is always pleasing to hear.
It all started in the middle of the ground with Jacob Vella, the big dinosaur having his best game of the year and continuing this season’s good form.
Even when Jacob was moved forward in the second half, swapping with Riley O’Kane, Vella kicked 4 goals in the 3rd quarter, clutching some nice overhead marks, after some great passages of play.
Onballers Will Sharp and Oscar Willis, along with Blayze Young-Mail, dominated the clearances, which gave first opportunity to forwards Riley O’Kane, Tom Lidgerwood and Wally Thomson.
O’Kane and Lidgerwood kicking 3 goals and Thomson snagging 2 majors for the game.
Will Sharp, returning after about 5 weeks on the sidelines with injury, was outstanding. His use of the ball on both feet was a pleasure to watch.
Riley O’Kane again played a brilliant game up forward, or in the ruck.
The backline held up well, with Dylan Sidebottom, Desi O’Kane, Tom Burke and Lachie McLennan turning over any of Katunga’s forward thrusts.
Ned Connell, Brock Bate, Mitchell Hooper and Rory Kruse each kicked a goal in what was a great win at home at the Bear Pit.
Score: Tungamah 23.22.160 defeated Katunga 0.0.0
Awards; Lidgerwood Builders - Jacob Vella, Wingates - Will Sharp, Yarra Fish n Chips - Tom Lidgerwood, Crusty Loaf Bakery - Lachie McLennan, Tungamah Store - Tom Burke, McDonalds - Dylan Sidebottom.
Next week the Bears are again at home playing for the Rod Stacey Memorial Shield hosting Shepp East.
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