Tough day on the courts for Bears

May 18, 2016
B Grade – Tungamah 33 def Dookie 24
Windy conditions made the long game hard to master today.  They always knew these conditions would greet them at Dookie.

It took almost half the game to work out the girls could not pass long and high as the wind would hold it up making the timing almost impossible to work out.
The defence end was the stand out.

Tan and Brodie look as though they have been playing together forever but it is only their second game together.

Tan intercepted almost every second ball which made the opposition second guess their passing into the ring.

The mid court worked hard as did the shooters.

The inclusion of Debbie at half time with her bullet-like passes enabled the girls to get a lead on Dookie.

Although it looked scrappy the girls still ground out a win to make it two in a row. Well done ladies.

Awards – Cellarbrations Tania Harvey, Tunga Meal Hannah Kavanagh, Auction player Tania Harvey

C Grade – Dookie 58 def Tungamah 14
Awards – Cellarbrations Sheryl, Pelican voucher Hannah Keel.
The girls went out knowing the game was going to be hard and fast, as Dookie is the top team.

The shooters did an amazing job, despite those bouncy rings.
Dan, Sheryl and Soph did an amazing job holding and moving around the ring keeping the defenders on their toes.

The defenders Alysia, Sally, Dan and Alyssa worked hard to put pressure on the ball and going up for every rebound.

The mid court of Amanda, Amber and Hannah worked so amazing together and put pressure on the ball all the way down the court, intercepted and got turnovers all day.

An awesome effort by all, even against a great team.
Let’s all get to training and work on a few things.

C Reserve – Tungamah 18 def by Dookie 26.
A tough game for the side.

With a new line up in goals and the defensive style of Dookie it took the first quarter for the team to settle.

The remaining quarters were much improved, with the girls creating space in the mid court.

Hannah and Katie in goals gained confidence and the defenders worked overtime to make the final score only a small loss.

Awards – Becca Hair & Beauty Carly Beattie, Showcase Jewellers Han Connell, TFNC Dinner Katie Jarratt, Auction Player Carly Beattie.

U17s – Tungamah 44 def Dookie 28
It was always going to be a tough game for the girls and it definitely showed on the court.

They couldn’t quite find their feet for most of the game with something about Dookie really getting to the team.

Adele and Amy pushed their hardest to get the girls in front, listening to every instruction given to them and never giving up.
But after an even finish at the end of the first quarter they really struggled to push in front to lead the game.  All the girls tried really hard but Dookie’s on-court pressure and accurate shooting meant they had the game from the start.  A lot to work on but we will get there.

Awards – One Zach Amy Griffiths, Judds Adele Prescott.

U15s – Tungamah 33 def Dookie 15.
Talk about a comeback, after last week’s defeat the girls came out firing today proving once again they’re an unstoppable force.

Perfection in goals from both Olivia’s and multiple intercepts and turnovers from all of the defenders meant that teamwork was on point this week.

The mid court provided an excellent passage of play with leading and timing improving every game. A great bunch of girls that keep on impressing every week.

McDonald’s Award Olivia Giggins.

U13s – Tungamah 17 def Dookie 10.
What a great team performance.  Emily and Amy moving beautifully in the goals.  Ella, Bethany and Jade continually offering strong leads in the centre and the defensive combination of Penny and Tayla stood tall and took every opportunity to rebound and intercept.

Olivia came on after half time and moved well into space; hope your ankle is okay Amy. Enjoy the week off and see you at training Thursday week.

Awards – McDonald’s Ella Costigan, Tungamah Shop Tayla Sampson.

Each week the girls are improving on their skills and taking in all the advice and guidance from the umpires.  Tough game today but they didn’t give up, continuing to give it their all and most importantly supporting each other.

With so many new minis this year it’s very much a learning curve for most of them and the girls are doing awesome in helping each other learn their positions and all the rules with such a positive attitude.

The parent support each week is amazing also, high fives, clapping and encouragement is awesome to see.

Awards – TFNC Canteen Renee Schrell, TFNC Soft Drink Millie Dodd, McDonald’s Jazyah Young-Mail, Ricky D’s Maddison Lawrence.
Next week’s captain Chloe McQualter.
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