Strong win for Tungamah

May 12, 2016
A Grade – Tungamah 54 def Rennie 34.

B Grade – Tungamah 44 def Rennie 37
Another hot summer’s day for netball. The game was a great one.  The girls all played hard and put into play the things they have been working hard on in training.  The defence end welcomed back Tania Harvey.
Both Tania and Brodie played great together and rebounded any missed shot. The mid court in Sarah, Ash, Hannah, Narelle and Molly played very well and drove hard into space all day.
The shooters Brydee, Deb and Kat rarely missed and are teaming up well to show they are starting to feel comfortable playing together.
A fabulous team effort ladies.
Awards – Byramine Homestead Tania Harvey, Priority Fitness Hannah Kavanagh.

C Grade – Tungamah 26 to Rennie 41
The team were keen to continue on the winning streak and met a very determined Rennie side.
The girls fought very hard in keeping on their players, attacking the ball and displaying very classy footwork on a very hot day.
There were some terrific passage of play across the entire court, the girls still need to tweak a few things at training.
Overall it was a good team effort from everyone. The team is looking forward to have girls return from injury for next week’s game against Dookie.  A special thanks to Kait, Remi and Amy for filling in this week.
Awards –Byramine Homestead Amber Peachy, TFNC Club meal award Sheryl McBurnie.

C Reserve – Tungamah 36 to Rennie 24.
The defensive skills of Leah, Carly and Emily created many turnovers.  Great shooting by Katie, Sheryl and Danielle.
The mid court players were the stars of the match; Georgia, Remi, Sarah and Karah showed great skill driving the ball to the goals.
Awards – Showcase Jewellery Georgia Ralph, TFNC Dinner Sarah Duffy, Byramine Homestead Karah Ialuna, Auction Player Remi McPherson.

Under 17s – Tungamah 34 def Rennie 31.
Another hot day for the girls this week but a firing start and consistency throughout the court helped push them comfortably in front by half time.
A few changes made had Hannah Keel in centre and Anna Stacey in WA.  Their consistent leads, front cuts and making sure they were in front of their player helped the girls reduce their lobs against the tall Rennie girls.
A slow third quarter had the girls fighting hard to stay in front but a few turnovers from Issy Connell and the tight defensive pressure pushed the team just over the line.
Amazing accuracy by the shooters and passes into the ring gave the girls enough confidence to pop them in from every angle. = Great game played by all the girls.
Awards – Hannah Keel One Zach, Issy Connell Judds.

Under 15s – Tungamah 15 lost to Rennie 25.
A beautiful day for netball.  It was always going to be a tough game.  Unfortunately it was not the girls’ day.  Their last quarter was fantastic, the goals went in, they won turnovers and had Rennie chasing them.  Against tall opponents, their passes let the girls down.  Better luck for next week.
Awards – Abbey Griffin TFNC canteen, Olivia Hayes Videoland, Grace Whitlock McDonald’s.

Under 13s – Rennie 22 def Tungamah 5.
Rennie came out strong in the first half and it took the girls time to settle into their game plan. After half time they were playing the game at their pace and their improvement is showing on the court.
Award – Canteen Penny Thomson.

Minis – Well done mini’s everyone is so proud of you. You all worked so hard with only seven players this week.
The girls used this opportunity to all play different positions and see what ones they liked. Thanks to Cas for her great umpiring, stopping the girls and explaining the rules to them as they played.  Well done girls.
Awards – TFNC Canteen Alila McAllen, McDonald’s Millie Dodd, Ricky D’s Mia Elliott.

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